Contemporary Styling

Stairs and Front Walk

 At the inception of this project, a wooden fence obstructed the property’s front, making access to the front door somewhat inconvenient. Additionally, a wooden staircase led to the front door. Both the fence and the staircase were dismantled to pave the way for a new, welcoming set of concrete steps with custom nosings. A modern concrete walkway was also introduced to enhance the property’s appeal.

Excavating The Walk

To start things off, the homeowners asked if we could remove all of the grass and re-grade the front
yard. After removing the grass, hauling it away, and regrading the front yard we then began
excavating for the new front walkway. Fortunately, there was already a solid concrete footing to form
the new concrete stairs on. Oftentimes during the excavation process on renovations like this, we
come across sprinkler lines. If this is the case, we do our absolute best to avoid damaging them,
however sometimes the sprinkler lines will have to be replaced and rerouted after the concrete
construction process.

Ready For Concrete

After completing excavation, and bringing in a solid gravel base, we began the forming stage. The concrete stairs feature a 3/4” nosing on each riser, and the walkway consists of equal sized panels that offset at the middle of the property and have 2” gaps between each panel to welcome the growth of grass.

Pour Day

We are nearing the final stages of this project. Now that the job has been formed, and rebar has been installed, we are ready to venture onward and pour the concrete. For this pour both the concrete stairs, and concrete walkway were a smooth finish, to achieve a modern/contemporary look.

The Finished Product

On all projects, after our final pour and the concrete has had a day or two to cure, we carefully remove all forming material. Once all the forms have been stripped, the job site is given a full clean up of all material, and concrete rubble left over from the final pour.

Simple And Elegant

Only a few months later, and the homeowners had laid sod, and planted new shrubs on their property. As the shrubs and new lawn began to grow in, we were able to stop by and get one last look of this project, in its final state.

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