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We’ll do a project analysis on these concrete steps. In order to improve the aesthetics and safety of his house, a customer approached us about replacing his old, rickety wood stairs with concrete ones. We like a challenge, therefore we accepted the assignment.

existing wood steps
Richmond steps plan for concrete stairs

Architectural Concrete

The Stair Plans

We then sketched what the new concrete steps would look like, which were pretty similar to the present showing where extra support for the concrete stairs would be. Because the family liked the current aesthetic, we decided to replace the wood steps with the same foot print.

A huge structural wall 24′′ thick was constructed first to support the cantilever steps that would be poured later. Monolithic piles and footings were poured, with rebar connecting everything.

Stripping a concrete wall
Construction of steps in Richmond
The rebar detail for concrete steps in richmond

Structural Rebar

Rebar Is Important

The cantilever landings are exposed to significant stress, and linking them above the structural wall necessitated the use of an excessive amount of rebar (15M and 20M in length). It was necessary to dowel epoxy-coated rebar into the structural wall on both sides in order to ensure that the concrete would not move or pull away in the future.

Concrete steps just poured

Air entrainment concrete with plasticizer was used in this project. It was 35mpa and had a plasticizer in it. For 28 days after the concrete was poured, the forms and shoring were kept in place. This allowed the concrete to reach 90% or more of its strength, ensuring that when the forms were taken down, there would be no movement at any hinge points in the concrete. It was a great idea, because there were no cracks on this concrete stair project.

The Unveiling

The work turned out near flawless. The end-result product was a big hit with the owners. We were able to maintain the original design they loved and transform it into a new attractive contemporary structural concrete step that is both elegant and functional.
If you have a concrete stair project or any other project that requires high-quality workmanship, please contact us or email us your drawings as soon as possible. We would be pleased to construct your concrete project.

Concrete Steps in Richmond

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