Floating Concrete Steps

Modern Stair Designs

 This project showcases a modern and contemporary concrete design, characterized by sleek floating concrete steps with crisp edges. It also includes concrete planters and walls, a uniquely curved concrete wall, practical concrete walkways, and a distinct concrete sign displaying the house number.

The Plan

 In this project, the homeowners provided us with a detailed sketch, articulating their precise vision. Such drawings can be immensely beneficial for complex projects of this nature. However, it’s not a prerequisite for us to have drawings or plans. Our team is committed to collaborating with you to ensure that the end result aligns perfectly with your vision.

Footings are so Important

To start this project we first brought out the laser level to determine the correct height for excavation of footings. On projects with concrete walls we always pour concrete footings for max support and lasting stability. After establishing our heights, we excavated, formed and poured the concrete footings.

Next Up Planters and Walls

After the footings have been poured and cured, we now have a solid base to begin construction of the small planter, large planter, foundation for the main concrete steps and curved concrete wall. To construct architectural concrete walls we use a premium paper faced ply-wood, and internal bracing system that results in an ultra smooth finish, with a cone pattern in the wall.

Main Entrance Steps Prep

Following the construction and pour of the planter walls, we then began backfilling the main step area, using road-base(gravel) compacted in layers. Once backfilled, our custom risers, with custom nosings were installed.  After installing the risers, a rebar grid was installed, and anchored to the house foundation and planter walls.

The Main Step Pours

We are now at our third and fourth pour on this project. We poured the concrete steps in two stages, first the top flight and landing. Second, the larger bottom flight. This was poured in two stages to ensure a top quality product, and for secure bracing. This is a smooth concrete finish, with sharp edges

Landscape Steps

After completing the main concrete steps, we then brought in more gravel and began grading the are for the concrete walkway, and landscape steps. There are two small sections of walkway that consist of offset concrete panels with a 1.5 inch gap between each panel. The landscape steps are designed and constructed like the main steps to have the “floating” appearance. We also formed and poured a small footing and wall/sign post for the homeowners house number to later be installed on.

Almost There

Following the final pour and after allowing the concrete to cure for a couple days, we then carefully remove all of the forms. After removing all the forms and giving the job site a thorough clean up, the job is now ready for its final stage.


An optional service that we offer is a final “foaming” of the faces of risers, and walls. This service is achieved by mixing and applying a cement mixture to the faces, fixing the minor imperfections, and blending the entire job in a uniform colour. This process does not take away from the natural look of concrete, it enhances the final product.

The Finished Product

After the homeowners finished the landscaping and had their custom house numbers ordered, we happily returned to install the house numbers on the concrete number sign. We are very proud of this job, especially after seeing it with the finished landscaping and after the plants have grown in.

The Finished Product

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