Stamped Concrete Patio Richmond

Texture Stamped Concrete Project

Stamped concrete Patio in Richmond

It all begins with a plan, which, like many of our undertakings, was conceived first as a vision. Because there were no formal designs to work from, we drew something on paper to illustrate how the water would drain and the overall layout of the necessary steps and concrete retaining wall, and then started building.

The Stamped Patio

A Basic Patio Plan

As a place to relax and enjoy the summer, the backyard currently resembled a gravel pit, which was uninviting to say the least. The New Plan,  A spacious patio surrounded by concrete planters would be low maintenance and practical while also providing a very welcoming environment for the owners and their friends, we believed. 

Concrete Patio Plans for a new patio

For the retaining walls and borders, we chose a light wash architectural concrete treatment and multi-color stamped concrete for the interior parts, totaling seven colours. In a separate stamp concrete project, you can see in detail how we created the multi-colored, custom-cut, and grouted stamp concrete. Check out the page on stamped concrete and how it may be customisable.

Before construction has started on a patio
forming a new prep job for a concrete patio

Different views are combined together to demonstrate the yard’s huge improvement from various angles and viewpoints.

Concrete Patio that has just been sealed

Drainage is Crucial

The perspective from the south-east corner demonstrates exactly how much has changed. The water from the concrete patio drains to a section of washed rock at the bottom of the patio.

Excavating for as concrete patio in richmond
Prepping a large concrete patio for stamped concrete

There are numerous retaining walls that also have the proper height and thickness for people to sit and engage comfortably around the perimeter, bench style. There are 120 feet of concrete retaining wall for 1500 square feet of planters.

Saw cut concrete patio in Richmond
Beautiful finished stamped concrete patio

Alot of Excavation Required

It took seven dump truck loads of earth to remove all the soil from this property, which was made possible by the small gate. We offer a variety of different-sized machines available to help you do you project more efficiently. 

concrete patio before construction has began
Excavated concrete patio with forming beginning

Seven dump truck loads of soil were removed from this property using the little gate. We have a variety of different-sized equipment available to make projects like this more efficient.

Prepping a large concrete patio in richmond
finished concrete patio with beautiful landscaping

The Finished Stamped Concrete Patio

The concrete stairs were poured separately from the stamped concrete flatwork to emphasize the risers. The risers are gently washed and have an overhang to give the appearance of floating; these stairs are modern contemporary and are especially sought after by homeowners searching for an attractive stair riser design.

Prepping a concrete patio
Stamped Concrete patio with many colors and attached steps

To replicate real random stone, seven different colours were added into the concrete mix. Much of nature’s rock is multi-colored, and our client asked that the stamped concrete have an appearance similar to real stone with a complete variety of colours to make it aesthetically appealing and distinctive.

Each stamped concrete patio we create is one-of-a-kind, and colours may be tailored to the customer’s preferences, ranging from a single shade to a rainbow of colours; the possibilities are really limitless.

Walkway along house with small stamped patio

A 4 Week Project

There is a stamped concrete pathway that connects the side yard and the rear patio. The walkway has stamped sections every ten feet to compliment the main stamped areas. Despite the fact that it began with nothing and was completed in just four weeks, this back yard patio makeover turned out to be an absolute success.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or comments concerning this project. We appreciate any feedback you may have.